Dryers are a marvel of modern convenience.  Many developed nations still hang their laundry out to dry, but us folks in Spanish Fork, Utah most likely rely on this excellent device to keep our day running smoothly.  For that reason, at Air Plus Heating LLC, our experienced heating and cooling technicians are also available to take care of dryer vent cleaning.  To increase the condition of your machine and its performance, we will clear out any clogs and remove debris as well.

Having a dirty dryer vent can mean needing adding an hour or two onto your normal laundry routine.  In addition to musty clothes, however, there is more at stake than just the quality of your wardrobe.  In fact, your safety can become a major issue when you neglect regular vent cleaning.  All of the lint and other junk that gets stuck in the vent can catch fire, leading to a very possible destructive house fire.  Hundreds of injuries occur every year in the United States from this very cause.

The main cause of dryer fires is our negligence to take the time to clean them.  Don’t sacrifice countless stressful days after it is too late.  Ask us today about how you can set up regular visits to maintain the safety of your dryer vents.